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Dr. Rosa Karl - einfach gute Rundgänge.

Stadtführung Bamberg
Bamberg Tour UNESCO

Our offers

Short One Hour Tour                   € 50


Regular Tour (1,5 -2 hours)

Small group up to 5 persons     € 50

6-25 persons                               € 70

26-30 persons                             € 90


halfday of dayprogrammes and other formats can be arranged.

Bamberg zu Fuß -

Bamberg on foot is our name as well as our motto.


We offer individually planned guided tours of this uniquely beautiful town. Medieval and baroque architecture combine to make this UNESCO world cultural heritage site a fascinating place to visit. About 30 miles north of Nuremberg and embedded in beautiful landscapes, Bamberg provides enticing encounters with the European past.


Our guides are competent in history, the arts, and - of course - language.


Whether you are interested in an overview of the town's 1000 year history and its many sights, or would like to concentrate on a specific era or topic - our individually arranged tours will lead you to the most eloquent aspects of a past that is still very present.


By the way - Bamberg is one of the few places that has been declared a Unesco World Cultural Heritage Site in its entirety.


For further Information and/or booking please contact, give us a call  (+49 9543 44  12911) or just fill in the form below.




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Stadtführung Bamberg
Stadtführung Bamberg
Stadtführung Bamberg